My first blog post

Hello. Mostly I interact with friends who like my art on my facebook page but I thought I would try something new here. A Blog. (I think that is the only way that people can comment on my art, using Squarespace, but I’m still new to this.)

For my first post I wanted to show you the kinds of maps (doodles) I draw for myself to keep track of my Architectural Detail Series. Originally I thought I would have 12 elements for this project. One image for each of the, now 8, cta stops in the loop and one for each corners. The first corner is already done (no. 2 the Pillars of the Second Leiter building) and I have images chosen (mostly) for the other 3. The Randolph Tower for the north-west corner, the medallions of the old Insurance Exchange building for the south-west corner and a detail from 180 N. Wabash for the north-east corner (or perhaps the Virgin Hotel) The idea with having 12 images was the certainty in my mind that a calendar would be the end result of all this. Now I’m not so sure and I have another project simmering on the back burner, so I thought I would see what people think.

All comments welcome.... should I finish this one or start on the new one? : )

For more information on my new project, see my facebook page, or wait for the next blog post.

Thanks for reading this,